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See What Our Customers Are Smiling About

Our team is dedicated to helping patients of all kinds have a healthier, beautiful smile!

“I’ve been to a number of Dentists over the years, but Signature Smiles is the best there is. The staff are always super friendly and make your visit hassle free.

Especially the Dental Hygienist named Mrs. Faye. I don’t want anyone working on my teeth but her. She performed a deep cleaning of my teeth below the gum line. And I couldn’t be happier with the results.

What’s more, I always learn something new from her on every visit. Born in the Philippines and traveled extensively with her mom and siblings early in life. Particularly in the Pacific Rim countries. She is full of practical wisdom. Things that make you think deeply about for days afterwards.

For instance, she told me that “life is all about maintenance.” The better you maintain things in your life, the better, the longer, they perform. This goes for your house, car, body, and even, your teeth.

On my visit today at 8am on a particularly frigid Sunday morning (21 degrees), she told me “maintenance first, cosmetic last” when I asked her about having my teeth whitened on my next visit. The application of this nugget of wisdom in our lives is endless.

What a great way to start the day. Deep cleaning of your teeth and wisdom for your mind.

Do yourself a favor and make Signature Smiles your preferred dentist. You’ll be glad you did. Plus, they are open 7 days a week!”

Dwayne Williams

“It was an excellent experience at this place from beginning to end was very super professional team. I would highly recommend this place the prices are very affordable and offer a variety of different Services for finances. They also did an excellent job at explaining each of those services in detail they offered. My exam was fast and the whole visit was a success.”

Brian Hess

“Thanks to Dr. Solomon, Brittany, and the entire staff for a great experience yesterday. My teeth are glistening.”

David Schulman

“I’ve been going to Signature Smiles for a few years now and Dr.West is simply amazing! 25yrs of Dentistry fear was wiped out of my mind completely once I met him. He is the most caring, patient and knowledgeable dentist I’ve ever come in contact with. Today I am now able to smile naturally and be proud of showing my teeth because of him…

Thanks Dr. West you and Dawn are some sort of wonderful!”

Shani Cooper

“After not having been to a dentist in over 5 years, I found Redwood Dental a few months ago. I have been there three times in the last few weeks and have had great experiences. They are kind, gentle & caring.”

Sally Ford

“Dr. Westphalen , and his entire team at Redwood Dental, come together to create a wonderful experience for patients. Caring, compassionate, gentle, and knowledgeable are all traits I would use to describe the professionals in this office.”

Lani Langton

“Everyone here is so friendly and they do a great job for cleanings. They give you important feedback to help the health of your teeth and gums, and deliver it in a very nice way that is easy to be received.”

Paul Kahl

Contact your nearest Signature Smiles location today to schedule your appointment. Our dental office provides uncompromising care and exceptional service to residents of Lathrup Village, Brighton, and surrounding areas.